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Hi I'm Ashley - if you haven't picked that up yet.

I am a 5"1 mom of 3, wife to my best friend, and I have this crazy passion for creating art and capturing images that physically make you feel something. I am a big fan of tea but recently fell in love with coffee thanks to my Aeropress. Watercolor painting + doodling are my favorite de-stress-ers, probably because my kids will willingly join in and we can blow an hour or more. We love being outside and spending afternoons getting lost exploring.

A little about how I got into photography.
I had many different camera’s growing up but truly started perusing photography in 2009 when my son was born. I bought my first DSLR when he was just a tiny babe and I started taking photos every single day. Photo’s of things, of him, of us, of others. It has just been a part of my motherhood journey and I am so thankful to have that. I have taken many many hands on photography courses, diploma program, and online courses. The only way to grow is with knowledge and TRYING oh and a ton of failure but that’s fine. My business was started as a means for me to work while doing something that made me happy, yet allowed me to stay home with my kids. As well as something to save my sanity and get me out of the house a little more.

I draw in inspiration through my family, movies, nature, and vintage photography books more than anything else, the simple, mundane moments are what grab at my heart the most.

You’re amazing for reading this, thank you.