The Snow Queen in Taber Alberta

The Snow Queen

snow queen - jade-32.jpg

I believe everyone should push themselves beyond their comfort zone, the farther the better. This is where growth comes, this is where you find those new little pieces of yourself that weren’t visible before. Growing up I would not consider myself to be creative, I could not close my eyes and picture that final product, and my uneducated or practiced efforts were not so pretty. Instead of trying I LIED to myself. I said “You are not creative.” That one lie stayed put for YEARS, even into my first year of business. I know now how silly that was of me. I am creative, my art is beautiful, I have worked REALLY freaking hard to get to where I am, this is not a little thing, this is a really really big beautiful thing. And it only happened because I told myself the truth. “I am creative” and then believed it.

Model + Makeup : Jade Salked (IG: @Glamourandgrace)
Hair : Victoria Kapcsos
Accessories Dress + Photos : me

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