Magical Motherhood Session - Lethbridge, Alberta

Rose, Keean, and I met at Indian Battle Park in Lethbridge, Alberta. The weather was perfect, beautiful sunshine, just enough wind, and the cutest little mother son duo you ever did see. We found a perfect little spot in the grass and sprawled out. Keean was hungry but very intrigued by the camera. His little eye brows - seriously. The most expressive little face I’ve ever seen. Keep scrolling to enjoy his many looks.


So yeah, I am in love with them all and hope you enjoyed checking them out.

PS this was just a mini session that got out of hand, woops. Sometimes its just too good to stop shooting.


Motherhood session in downtown Lethbrige

I photographed Robyn and Harker's adorable mother's love photoshoot in downtown Lethbridge. It was one of my first times shooting in town here and it was amazing. We just played, hung out, and just had an fabulous time. The wind was blowing in full force (how strange for Lethbridge - NOT) and just a little chill in the air. But that didn't slow us down, we walked along alleys and ended by the old firehall (I adore the colors of it) so be sure to check those images out at the end!

Harker has such a wild sweet spirit to her (what two year old doesn't?) it kept our session feeling so alive and fun. And don't let me get started about Robyn, she is a bombshell, amazing mama - You could see love pouring out of her each time she looked at Harker. Ooh and before you go, please check  out Robyn over at Northern Anchor Co - she makes the BEST children's clothing!

Like I said before, they KILLED it. 


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Life began with waking up and loving my mothers face
— George Elliot