In-home family session, Taber Alberta

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Session Guide

First off, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, to capture your love, and special moments. It means the world to me that you entrust me with this, and I cannot wait to get to know you + your family,  and make this session one you'll never forget. 

I want to capture your family right now, in the moment, exactly as you are, with all of the unique bits and pieces. Goofy, loud, active, shy, or quiet whatever it is, we will have a blast.

How do you prepare?


What I look for first is light, specifically, window light. If you're home is lacking natural light, no worries, just give me a heads up and I can bring in some lighting.  Next, find a couple spots in your home that bring you joy (your bed, the couch, a comfy chair, kitchen, patio, stairs, the options are endless). 

an activity:

Something you do together. Make breakfast/cookies, drink coffee/juice, jump on the bed, snuggle and read a book, dance party, it can be totally mundane, just something that brings you together as a family. If you have young kids, their favorite toy can be included to keep them happy and willing to participate!

what to wear:

Dress casual. I want to capture what your casual day to day is like. Jeans, shorts, tanks, t's, whatever. Grays and muted colors look amazing . I ask that you don't wear neon bright colors , and that your choices are well fitted as loose clothing doesn't transfer as well in photo. Also barefoot generally looks best. Isn't this simple??

If you have Pinterest, here's a board I've created for your fashion inspiration. Some favorite local (Lethbridge) shops include Baby Laurel, Spurge and Co, Real Deals Home decor, Old Navy, Prairie Mountain and Co - they are online but local), If you have time to order online some of my favorites are , and a bunch more if you need more inspiration.

the day before:

Get a ton of sleep. Get everyone excited to meet a new friend (aka me). 

Your home, tidy up and de-clutter- especially in the areas we might be - that will help the focus of the photos stay on you ( and not the stuff in your house) Your house doesn't need to  be perfect, but if you don't want it in your photos, you may want to find a hiding spot. Doing this the day before helps everyone's stress levels. 

hours before:

eat a healthy meal, nothing heavy, but something filling. Hungry bellies = grumpy kids and parents. 
Keep everything you do and say to the kids and each other as positive as possible.

during the session:

We will be playful, dance around, jump, and hold hands. There will be a couple poses but for the most part, I will capture each raw moment as it unfolds. We will get everyone together, kids together, kids with each parent, single shots, parent shots, all of the goods. I ask that you refrain from getting upset with each other if the kids are not listening, kids will be kids and if you're stressed, so is everyone else.  Things never go as planned with kids, so laugh is off and just enjoy your time together. If chaos starts building we can move on or just take a micro break to give the kids a few moments to re-group.

We need some jams, if you can, plan to play some of your families favorites, it can loosen everyone up during the session and create a fun atmosphere!

Your Photo's
Will be ready within three weeks of session date. You will receive the agreed upon number of images with an option to purchase additional. 

Prints and Canvas
Are available, and encouraged. I am available for image styling in your home, as well for in home consults for print and canvas ordering to keep it as streamlined as possible.

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Feel free to email or text me, snaps of your clothing ideas if you want any feedback on clothing options, etc.. I am always happy to help! And if you can't decide what to wear, I can help you decide. I love styling my clients for the camera!

I'm SO excited to capture the love of your family.

It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us
— JK Rowling
In-home family session, Lethbridge Alberta

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In-home family session, Lethbridge Alberta