Stephanie + Dylan

Oh man, we had a fun little time together. From cuddling on the couch to dancing and racing down a hill. Stephanie and Dylan are swing dancers and just have the most upbeat fun personalities. I love what we created together, and hope you do too!


Stephanie + Dylan-13.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-17.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-29.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-47.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-41.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-88.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-93.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-99.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-110.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-65.jpg

I hope you enjoyed that little peak into this beautiful session. I love creating these moments for people, and would love to create them with YOU. Head over to the CONTACT page and let me know what kind of magic we should make together. 

All of that said, I just updated my portfolio, go check it out!

Love to you all.