I met Meli + Kyle in their West Lethbridge home and immediately fell in love with them, and their incredible rose gold beautifully styled home as you will see below. These two are very clearly best friends, and just so madly in love with each other. Keep scrolling to see a little bit of the absolute magic we created together.

I will leave you with one more thing before you check these out (or for after you’ve checked them out). Melani has the most amazing online boutique called Ash + Antler (CLICK HERE) to do a little shopping, I honestly want ALL of the incredible clothing she carries.

OK OK no feast your eyes on these two beautiful humans.

Ok now tell me that these two aren’t perfect.

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You’re amazing + beautiful + your story is worth being told.


Playful + Romantic in home couples session - Lethbridge Alberta

Emily + Kurtis’ in-home session, Lethbridge Alberta

Love is the most beautiful freaking thing in this world.

One of my favorite parts about working with couples is getting to know their story. How they met, little quirks, just anything I can learn about them. It not only translates my images from a simple image into artwork that holds memories. But it allows us to connect and have actual conversations during each session. In the end giving them something that they will look back on and treasure.

The love between Emily and Kurtis is real, and these images you are about to see will give you a little peak at it. Their home is absolutely adorable, and oh my gosh their cat.. (You can’t even tell how much Kurtis didn’t want to be doing this.)

I suck with words so lets just get on with it.

so basically, if you could fill my schedule up with sessions like this and i’ll be forever grateful.



Stephanie + Dylan

Oh man, we had a fun little time together. From cuddling on the couch to dancing and racing down a hill. Stephanie and Dylan are swing dancers and just have the most upbeat fun personalities. I love what we created together, and hope you do too!


Stephanie + Dylan-13.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-17.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-29.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-47.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-41.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-88.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-93.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-99.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-110.jpg
Stephanie + Dylan-65.jpg

I hope you enjoyed that little peak into this beautiful session. I love creating these moments for people, and would love to create them with YOU. Head over to the CONTACT page and let me know what kind of magic we should make together. 

All of that said, I just updated my portfolio, go check it out!

Love to you all.